Social Media Management

Build a Social Portfolio for your horse with our Custom Program

The Horse Lingo program helps to maximize your ads by connecting your print to the virtual world for a multidimensional and interactive experience.  Your horse’s fan base and future fan base will love it and you will enjoy getting more out of your advertising.

Facebook Page

Horse Lingo will develop content using strategies to increase engagement and exposure.  All content goes through an approval process prior to posting.

  • Keep your fan base in the know on what’s new
  • Give fans a behind the scenes view
  • Share Facebook status updates with all followers of Horse Lingo on Twitter
  • Share new photos as they come in, as well as show results and news
  • Invite inquiries for the sale of your horse
  • Showcase information from the Facebook app

Facebook App

Basically a mini-website installed to your horse’s Facebook Page

  • Current show record
  • Photos & Videos
  • Pedigree
  • Owner biography
  • Contact information
  • Link to your horse’s Facebook page
  • Invite inquires for the sale of your horse

Targeted Advertising

  • Horse Lingo will start your advertising off on the right foot with a Facebook advertising campaign that will include a customized ad to appear on the pages of targeted Facebook users
  • The advertising budget also incorporates paid promotion of individual posts to increase engagement and exposure
  • Additional advertising is built into the custom programs for business clients to drive sales and website traffic

Program Bonuses…

Along with Facebook, Horse Lingo will also bring your horse into the social spheres of Twitter and YouTube

  • Tweets of status updates, new photos, and new videos to the entire Horse Lingo audience
  • Unlimited videos on the Horse Lingo YouTube channel

Annual Subscription – Starting at $2000